Veterinary diagnostics is the primary process of identifying diseases, and its timeliness and effectiveness makes a more efficient treatment possible. Correct diagnosis is the most important element in the restoration of an animal’s health.

Modern equipment and years of experience in the field make it possible for us to diagnose even the rarest of diseases in the shortest time possible to carry out effective therapeutic measures.

VetExpert Veterinary Clinic offers full examination of pets and exotic animals.

Currently, the clinic conducts the following diagnostic examinations:

  • General clinical examination
  • Laboratory research
  • Ultrasound procedure
  • X-ray examination
  • Luminescent research

General clinical examination

Clinical examination includes three main parts:

  • Examination of the patient by physical methods: visual inspection, palpation, listening.
  • Diagnostics of symptoms and the following evaluation of the disease.
  • Veterinarian’s expert reasoning that allows us to diagnose the disease.

Lab studies — General and biochemical blood test, urinalysis, helminthoscopy, stool test, examination of the presence of parasites, infectious and invasive diseases.

It is difficult to imagine modern veterinary medicine without laboratory research. Laboratory studies allow the veterinarian to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe an appropriate treatment. During the treatment, the veterinarian periodically performs laboratory tests, with the help of which he monitors the course of the disease and the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment.

X-ray examination is the study of the internal structure of tissues, the image is projected on a special film with the help of X-rays. With this study, the veterinarian determines the structural features and abnormalities of the internal organs, fractures, dislocations, inflammations, tumors and more. Widespread in traumatology and orthopedics.

Ultrasound examination is the examination of organs and tissues using the ultrasonic waves. 

Ultrasound method is simple and affordable, and has no contraindications. Moreover, the ultrasound scan can be repeated several times a day, if it is necessary due to the clinical situation.

Ultrasound is a common diagnostic method. It does not expose the patient to radiation and is considered harmless.

The field of application of ultrasound in medicine is extremely wide. For diagnostic purposes, it is used to detect diseases of the abdominal cavity and kidneys, the pelvic organs, the thyroid gland, the mammary glands, the heart, the vessels, in obstetric and gynecological practice.

We are pleased to inform you that in the veterinary clinic VetExpert we offer the ultrasound examination service — using a Mindray dp 10 device.

Mindray dp 10
Wood's lamp

Luminescent examination (LUM-diagnostics)

It is a fast, simple and painless method of diagnosing skin diseases, which is based on the phenomenon of fluorescence and usage of the ultraviolet waves of a certain spectrum (365 nm). The Wood’s lamp emits them and allows us to examine the skin and diagnose inflammatory skin processes, fungal diseases and hidden cornea injuries.