Dear customers

We want to inform You that we have our new branch in Mashtots 21 avenue.

Tel. number 095-20-90-60



We want to inform You that it’s necessary to do a test of rabies antybodies for animal transportation to other countries ( Europe, some states of the USA). After rabies vaccination  ( min. in 30 days) we take blood analysis and send it to the international certificated laboratory, which is placed abroad ( London, Munich, Moscow).

In care of positive test analis we recieve a certificate, and in   base of that You can transfer your pet abroad.

You can go through this procedure at Vetexpert  Veterinary Group.


Ultrasound examination with Mindray dp 10 vet

Ultrasound is used in the abdominal cavity, kidney, pelvic cavity, thyroid, breast, heart, vascular disease diagnosis, as well as Obstetrics and Gynecology field. We are glad to tell you that we have the professional Mindray dp 10 vet ultrasound device which is the only one with the veterinary certificate in Armenia.

Ultrasound examinations are safe and don’t radiate the patient.


Pet taxi


Now your pet has a special taxi for itself.


We offer our customers Pet taxi – a comfortable minibus, which will drive your pet to the



  • Veterinary clinic
  • Exhibition
  • Grooming salon
  • Hotel for pets
  • Other places
  •   Also pick up and deliver to the airport and train station service is available.
    The transportation of animals up to 12kgr 1-5km 1000AMD, then 1km = 100AMD
    Transportation for animals above 12kgr 1-5km 1500AMD, then 1km = 150AMD


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